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Help for stressed kids

As a pediatrician, I've noticed a growing number of children suffering from stress and anxiety.

This often results in learning problems from difficulty focusing on tasks.

Sometimes behavior issues emerge at home and school out of frustration from the emotional turmoil they feel inside.   

As a parent, you may feel helpless...not knowing how to best support your child.

Parenting Your Stressed Child presents a series of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction™ (MBSR) practices designed for parents and children to build healthy stress management skills.  

There is a lot of pressure on parents today.  You may sometimes wonder if you're doing a good enough job.  There are many decisions to make from getting a healthy meal on the table to immunizing to keep your kids safe without doing harm.

The reality is that both parents and kids are more stressed today than in previous generations.  The challenge is finding healthy and practical ways to deal with stress for both you and your child.  Kids learn what they see.  As parents, we are always serving as role models for our kids (whether we are aware of it or not).  

So, what can you do as a parent to help your stressed child?
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in kids
  • Understand how your stress affects your child’s levels of stress
  • Model healthy coping to manage the stress in your life
  • Teach your child how to manage stress in healthy ways
  • Identify resources available to support you in helping your child manage stress

Mindfulness reduces stress

In its simplest form, mindfulness is living in the present moment, on purpose, without judging what you notice.  Our stress often results from thoughts that keep us stuck in the past or worries that push us into the future.  Mindfulness practices help you and your child to spend more time in the present moment where you have space to think and respond to your situation or stress, rather than reacting to it.

Who can benefit from this program?

This program is not just for parents.  Teachers and school counselors will find that these skills help kids focus on their schoolwork and stay calm when they feel distressed.  Parents can practice modeling these skills and incorporate them into their own lives in order to improve their children’s ability to tolerate stress, both learning and teaching the art of resilience, a character trait that will stay with both parents and children for a lifetime.

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